Collection: Boho Chic Sales

Dressing up as a bohemian means adopting a comfortable outfit that allows freedom of movement. It is all about mixing styles by adding a cool, chic or romantic touch to the outfit.

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It' s about getting dressed in an effortless way, without following strict rules. Some of you will opt for a Vintage Bohemian Style, while others will prefer a Boho Chic Feminine and Sophisticated Look. No matter what, remember that the key element of the Boho Style is comfort.

Somewhere between travel and romance, between comfort and femininity, the Bohemian Style likes to challenge fashion codes and has done so for ages. When we talk about Bohemian, we naturally think about the hippies of the 70s, the fashion icon, Jane Birkin, or the famous song by Charles Aznavour. Not to mention the fact that it is above all a 19th century literary and artistic movement referring to the marginal, unstable and fanciful lifestyle of the Romanies or Bohemian people.

Comfort, Quality and Originality - simply all we are offering in our collection. No doubt that our online clothing store will become your favorite. At Lemongrass Bali Boutique, we love loose, supple and flowing clothes, with tie dye or prints as well as handmade jewelry. As for fabrics, we favor natural materials such as cotton or rayon. Same thing for colors, we want to stay as close to nature as possible: white, beige, brown, green, red, orange... Shades found in nature. Lastly, our Bohemian Clothes are adorned with lace, embroidery, pearls, buttons or fringes, we're sure you'll love them!