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Boho Chic Women's Clothing

The dream of a Boho Chic is to live free and die free of all fashion trends. Too busy to live life to the full us to care or even consider dressing up in the latest trends. The Boho Chic is unstoppable feminine-based, free spirit and not afraid to show who she is and how she wants to live.

The Lemongrass Boutique to shop to spruce up your wardrobe and make for some lively fashion fits for Spring and Summer but not only!! From tie dye to prints to chic figure flattering forms, we are loving the spirit that this brand is bringing to your life.

'Boho Chic' do you know it's a style that emerged in England before spreading across Europe and United States, starting in the sixties, and is often associated with such fashions and entertainment icons like Janis Joplin, Cher, Sienna Miller or Donna Summer.

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