Collection: Unique Bohemian Jewelry

The bohemian jewelry are handcrafted and has became an important part of latest fashion trend which is a more natural and unique fashion style.

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The uncommon and unusual combinations of simple materials and the natural elements which are used in a bold way makes this environmental conscious Unique Bohemian Jewelry a true fashion statement. Lemongrass Bali Boutique takes the pride in bringing the best of Bohemian jewelry to you.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style has its origin which is dated back in Eastern Europe centuries ago. This unique style is now associated with the new era, which represents free-spirited individuals. While there may be a unique pattern followed by the Bohemian style jewelry but the symmetry is not rigid, where each bead used in a jewelry can be of similar shape but may have different hues or may have variation in size, which give each piece of bead a distinction. The distinction and self identity is the core value of Bohemian culture that celebrates self-expression and individual artistry. The Unique Bohemian Jewelry are handcrafted and gives off a vintage feel.

Different Styles of Handcrafted Bohemian Jewelry

Generally, the bohemian jewelry make use of the natural materials which can emphasize the connection of nature with the wearer of the jewelry. Our Bohemian pieces uses several layers to add certain unique texture and dimensions which make them heavy and thick. The chunky piece of jewelry are also classified as bohemian style. The long length necklaces, thick and multi layered beaded bracelets, pendants, danglers are the most popular style of bohemian jewelry available at our website.

Why Bohemian Jewelleries Are Handcrafted?

The bohemian jewelleries are made with hand because it has large to small pieces of beads which are easier to work with hand as compared to machines.  Furthermore, the Bohemian style emphasizes the uniqueness and personalization, so when handcrafted, the one-of-a-kind elements can be included and patterns which are individually inspired can be followed. The handicraft method focuses on creativity and self-expression.

Materials Used In Boho Jewelry

A piece of handcrafted Bohemian style jewelry can use a variety of different materials or some artisans also focus on a single statement. Every style depends on the vision of the artist vision as well as the personality of the one who will wear it. Bohemian style emphasizes the use of natural materials in their Unique Bohemian Jewelry. We have a wide range of diverse options for women’s Bohemian Jewelry For Sale available at our site such as the coral or shell jewelry having some distinctive patterns or unique colour combinations, polished or unpolished wooden pieces and turquoise or some other natural stones. You can find natural motifs like animals, birds, leaves carved on our wooden jewelleries. Handcrafted Boho jewelleries are the perfect way to express unique personal style and flair in a very natural way. Ranging from long single lined pendants or layered necklaces to bangles and earrings, this trendy style of jewelry is sure to remain in fashion for many more generations to come.

Various Characteristics of Boho Jewelry

Bohemian style jewelry has always maintained its own style, uniqueness and influence. 

The jewelry are originally and exquisitely handcrafted and authentic, which perfectly interprets its mysterious, romantic as well as the spontaneous style.  It has some unique characteristics and known for using various styles of knots, feathers, different types and sizes of beads and some raw stones which depicts the complicated, rustic and natural style.

Another eye catching characteristic of bohemian style jewelry is the vivid colours used in it.

Buy our Women’s Bohemian Jewelry for Sale and style it up in your own way. If you want to give yourself an authentic bohemian women look, do not ignore wearing the Boho style jewelry which can be worn on your wrist, ankle, around the neck and waist, on ears and fingers.

The silverware jewelleries which are blackened, or are made with natural or dyed stones looks highly fashionable. Wearing such type of Boho silver jewelleries with earthy ethnic colours can make your style very prominent, outstanding and conspicuous.

Shop our bohemian jewelry to add an artistic and unique feature in your fashion. The Boho jewelleries with the touch of natural is an excellent choice for stylish women. The coloured felt beads and balls, exquisite mini beads, various size wooden rings and beads, rings made with copper wires and wrapped with metals. All these unique Boho pieces instantly enriches your look with an artistic flavour that displays the image of an intellectual woman in you.

The chic blend of natural elements makes the Boho style unique which embodies bold femininity and strength. A perfect combination of multiple earthy colours is made that can complement the wearer’s personal style and this offers a look which is timeless and classic and are also suitable for women of any age. With just an addition of few simple elements, the Bohemian style of jewelry expresses a strong personality.

What Do You Mean By Bali Style Jewelry

Bali jewelleries are modern as well as antique with some hints of tribal style. The Balinese appreciates their nature in a special way, so their traditional jewelry is very ornamental which include the elements of nature such as flowers, sea creatures and many more. The history of Bali’s crafting tradition can be traced back in the 14th century when the island had the world’s best silversmiths and goldsmiths because of whom the local craft flourished and this is still true for the new generations too. It is especially due to this reason of long-lasting tradition that many fashion lovers are crazy about purchasing Handmade Bali Jewelry made in Bali.

The various Handmade Bali Jewelry includes stylish rings, unique bracelets, earrings and necklaces too.

In today’s society which is full of pressure and mainstream views, every individual have the desire to live with freedom and thrive for an artful living. Our Bohemian style jewelry advocates nature and emphasising mix and match of the natural elements which is the main essence of bohemian style. So, buy our unique Women’s Bohemian Jewelry for Sale which can depict your individuality and make you stand out in the crowd.