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Exclusivity could be your style

Do you want to feel a vibe when you wear something? The vibe for being carefree, or being artistic, or just maybe liberated, the Boho style reflects exactly those

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Inspired from the late 60s and 70s fashion, Boho has given its modern flavor to today’s fashion. So you can be scrolling through all those Boho style clothes but you will find they reflect the past while giving you a modern feeling. Those were the times when the creative expression was at its peak and Boho reflects exactly those. It is an evolution of counterculture lifestyle that focused on individual style and much less on belongings. You will find the styles and trends entirely different, a little deviation from societal norms.

Boho style and the Nomads

Women’s Boho dresses are an influence of the nomadic tribes. People who rejected mainstream society and lifestyles and lived their way. As the name suggests nomadic people were always on the move. While traveling, these nomads were unable to coordinate their clothing and accessories. Thus created a look throwing in whatever they could find. And it looked quite stylish. Their style reflected an eclectic and so something that did not follow what generally the whole world was following. So there’s was a style that reflected fun-filled and not to be worried about world’s view.

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Today’s women are what the nomads were. Bold and beautiful, one who follows their heart rather than the norms set by others. So more and more women are adopting the Boho style. Boho style of clothing is a modern take on the Boho aesthetic that is catching on the fancy of the women. Fringe and flared silhouettes, dresses that have flowered patterns with embroidery, reflecting earthy tones, that is how you will find your Boho dresses. The result is a mishmash of creative, eclectic, and overall artistic fashion.

Creating your style

Boho style reflects a culture of its own. Boho style reflects being free. The style reflects a woman who explicitly expresses herself through her laid-back attitude. You can easily mix style, comfort, and the eclectic state.

Guess you might have come across these words many times, so “action is louder than words” log into Lemongrass Bali Boutique and you will know whom to look to while getting the right Boho dresses. Comfy and stylish. Rustic and eclectic. Creative and so like you. Those are will define you.

Brighten up your mood with some Boho on

As you scroll through the dresses at Lemongrass Bali Boutique, you will feel brightened and happy. The collections are so lively that they will touch your heart, body, and soul. If you had been wanting to buy a Boho dress, we ensure you that you will have Boho dresses by the time you pay your bill. They are just not dresses, they are you. Dresses that just do not accentuate your body, enhance your mood, lift your style and they tell the world who are you.

Women’s Boho dresses are only for those who have the will to take on the world by storm by being beautiful and sexy.