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To nail the bohemian look, along with boho dress and other accessories, the right Boho Women’s Shoes are important too.

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But remember that your boho shoes should not be the main focus of your outfit, rather choose a boho shoe which is just an add addition to the already eccentric boho look. Now do not get upset by thinking that you cannot have fun with the boho shoes you pair with your bohemian outfit. You can definitely rock in your bohemian style shoes with our various boho shoes. But before that, let’s get into the details of the bohemian style as this will help you style up perfectly.

Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is artistic, colourful, relaxed, liberated and carefree. It is a fashion where the natural fabrics, the retro style patterns, the neutrals and warm shades, all these merge with 70s fashion and a flair for statement accessories.

It just cannot be considered as a fashion trend – it is actually a culture in its own way, the fashion that have a very specific ideology and a history which is quite complicated. While the boho fashion is closely associated with the 60s and 70s hippie style, in the recent time, bohemian fashion has become a part of the mainstream culture. But this boho fashion started its journey long back out in the 19th century. Today, the fashion world is flooded with a wide variety of boho shoes, clothing and various accessories and this style is effortless and relaxed one which includes loose-fitted clothing items, casual printed Boho Women’s Shoes and men’s shoes too and accessories having an artistic appearance.  The boho style is a creative mishmash of several earthy elements. The bohemian fashion is an alternative style in contrast with the traditional dressing style which can be paired up with an equally alternative boho accessories. Thus, it can be concluded that the bohemian fashion is quite unconventional and highly expressive. Bohemian style is different from the mainstream trend which is exotic and is associated with the artistic style which is eccentric.

Origin of The Bohemian Style

The aesthetic bohemian style has its origin in the late 60s and 70s. This style features several different natural materials having earthy shades and patterns which are inspired from hippie style. This style is said to be inspired from the hippies because just like the hippies, the bohemian style is also free-spirited like a wonderer. The boho style is correlated with the Bohemians who appeared in France after French Revolution. That was an era when the artists plunged into poverty because they were deprived of the patronage system.

Bohemianism is an unconventional lifestyle practice which involves musical, artistic and certain literary pursuits. The followers of such kind of lifestyle are called the bohemians. But for styling up like them, you are definitely not required to live on artistic or literary pursuits. You can simply adopt their style of dressing up or accessorising yourself which is now known as the ‘Boho Chic Style’. The boho style represent a free nomadic lifestyle, with lots of adventures, a spirit which is care free and individual having high level of creativity.

Below are some essential elements that we use in our Boho Women’s Shoes

Natural materials are used

Woven or knitted fabric are used instead of synthetic fabric in boho style shoes. The boho style clothes are also made with the natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, suede. The Boho Style Women’s Shoes are decorated with beads made of wood or glass rather than the artificial plastic beads.

Use of natural and earthy colours

We also use the earthy natural colours like beige, brown, ochre or earthy red, the serene white, ochre, rusty orange, dark green are preferred while designing the Boho Women’s Shoes or dresses or any other accessories instead of other colours that are vibrant and do not reflect the earthy natural look.

Use of tassels and fringes

The tassels and fringes in your dress, shoe, jacket, bag, shawl, jewelleries enhances the boho look. Examples like feather earrings, coin bracelets, chokers made of shell have a high in demand in the market.

Floral embroidery

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe to a bohemian style than owning embroidered bags, dresses, jewelleries and some embroidery elements in shoes too is a must.

Printed elements

In boho clothing and accessories, the floral print, nature inspired print and tribal prints are very popular. So we make use of such elements to design our boho shoes.

Shoes that can give a bohemian style vibe

Our various wooded and glass beaded sandals, heeled clogs, suede boots are some of the preferred Boho Style Women’s Shoes about which you can read below. Your  bohemian wardrobe will not only just look perfect with the boho style shoes but are also good to match your day-to-day life and they lasts through the seasons. Following are some of our classic boho shoes.


The birkenstock are a perfect addition to your bohemian style wardrobe because they are so versatile that they will go well with almost anything and everything. Be it a dress, a jeans or any outfit you carry, just pair up a birkenstock to rock your look. We offer a super comfortable and long lasting Birkenstock boho shoes.

The Gladiators

The gladiator style boho shoes available at our website are perfect if you to rock the bohemian vibe during the summer season or if you are planning a trip to a warmer place. The best part about the gladiator style is that, you can wear it both casually and in a dressier situation too. The best dress with which you can pair up these shoes are a pair of shorts or a flowy skirt.

Suede Boots

If you are dwelling in a cooler part, try giving your outfit the bohemian look with a pair of suede boots having some tie around features which can add some earthy feel to your look that will look great.

Heeled Clogs

For a laid back vibe of boho style, the heeled clogs are a perfect choice. The heeled clogs are more on a formal side to enhance your formal attire.

For the Boho style textured shoes, please visit our website, we bet you can find the best deal ever!