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Owning the Boho style!

What does a Bohemian style reflect about you? A style that is so you. A style that tells that women follow their minds.

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A woman is free to do whatever she likes. An independent woman. So when you stock your wardrobe with varied products of Boho chic tops, Boho chic jumpers, Boho chic shorts, handbags, and accessories. They are much more frequently shopped and look quite supremely pretty and classy too. A Bohemian person is defined as someone who is free-spirited and is not bowed down by societal norms of behavior. They do these by their dressing sense or through Boho accessories.

Women who follow the Bohemian style have their unique style of clothing and lifestyle that does not conform to being a little bit eccentric. With Boho accessories for women create your quirky and distinctive way of style. It is one kind of style that you can do up as you like. As stated earlier, Bohemian does not adhere to any rules, nor any strict style. You don’t follow, you create your individualistic style.

A style statement that is your own

Boho styles are such that they are unconventional and unorthodox. One can find easy ways to create their flair and elegance to make their unique style and statement. Flowy, unstructured silhouettes, open-toed sandals, headbands, junk jewelry, eye-catching prints, oversized sunglasses, and of course the vibrant colors and prints. Celebrities like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller owned up this Boho style. They created a wonderful Boho vibe wherever they went.

Rocking the boho elements

Lemongrass Bali Boutique brings to you wonderful key boho elements to rock your look. Create and rock your style with these stylish Boho accessories for women. Boho style is inspired by the look that the gypsies wore when they traveled. While traveling they did not have time to coordinate their dress and accessories. They created a look throwing in all eclectic elements. So log into the website and you will huge variety of funky, eclectic yet stylish Boho accessories to create that fun-filled, stylish gypsy look. With just one accessory you can change and create innumerable styles. That is why the Boho style is so popular to date.

Creating a style of your own

As said earlier, gypsies created their eccentric style statement. Hence, create your distinctive signature style. Do not throw in everything at the same time. Accessorize with the Boho accessories for women wisely. Keep scrolling through various belts, bags, necklaces, bracelets, to create your signature Boho look. These versatile and multipurpose accessories will not give you a free-spirited look but it does never go out of fashion. For example, you can select from huge collections of necklaces and wear them around your neck, head, or even around your waist. Double it up and put it in your feet as an anklet. Even you can style the scarves, in and around your body. Surprised!! Well, that is how Gypsies rocked their style and are still in vogue.

Boho accessories for women to make you stylish

Start stocking up belts- macramé belt, tassels that can be worn around your waist, or you can just wrap on your hands (the thin will look great). You can also tie it around your loose or unstructured garments. From leather to beads to crochet you are just spoilt to the hilt.

Colorful and vibrant scarves for your neck, head, hands, and even your waist. It adds a chic dose to your personality. In fact, with a scarf, you can never go wrong. They can elevate any simple dress or look. They are functional as well as stylish and useful too. Hence, practicality and fashion in one.

Invest in those leather or willow, or Tahiti sandals and walk around comfortably. Leave your stilettoes and your high-heeled sandals for these Boho shoes. Once with them on you will know the real meaning of being comfortable yet stylish.

Normal jewelry does not have that quirkiness or wilderness that Boho has. It is because of the fact of ho Boho necklaces have been made or styled. The popularity of these necklaces is because they flaunt a modern style with a traditional look. Something of being hippie with a cool vibe

If you want glamourous-looking handbags that are classy but at the same time reveal an offbeat style. Then stylish Boho accessories for women are the one for you. These bags/ purses are colorful, vibrant, boisterous, and overwhelming. Go for those pretty purses and bags for that easy-going look. Choose from the wide range of collections to up your style- crochet bags or clutches, Frida sling bags, brown leather, beaded, and many more.

Boho is all about some quirky accessories

Whenever you are trying to style up in Boho accessorize it is quirky yet gives a stylish statement. They can be used in any way, and in clothing or just complementing two accessorize together. These are some of the signature embellishments that are usually used in boho accessories for women's feathers, tassels, fringes, embroidery, and lucky charms. Many boho accessories and outfits are embellished with macramé, beads, crochet as well as lace.

If you are creative enough you can also use your artistic skills to give more vibrant and color to your boho accessories by applying appliques, or putting on crystals, beads, sequins, or maybe putting on lace on your bags, belts, scarves to give that funky look. If you look through the influencers in your Insta handles, you will find them layering up their accessories. Massive bracelets, anklets, feathers, shiny beads, gigantic stone rings. It is just how the gypsies use to dress up. With supreme Boho styles, bring out that quirky, native, wild Bohemian girl you.

Following Artistically-nconventional style

The very spirit of bohemian style is being free-spirited, artistically and unconventional way of styling oneself. Log into Lemongrass Bali Boutique and find some trendy accessories that will give wings to your free spirit. They bring to you some classy and modern, stylish Boho accessories for women. Check out their website for those quirky and amazing accessories that will bring out your inner Boho woman.