Collection: Boho Handbags For Women

In case if you have observed women, they just love multi-tasking. From managing households to family to offices to even parties, they are just at the helm of the affairs.

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Without a woman at your house or your office, you will hardly find anything or in that matter, they love keeping everything in order and systematic matter. Hence, you will hardly find a woman without a handbag. A handbag that has innumerable pockets that she keeps her things sorted and in order. Some men find carrying purses or wallets so cumbersome that they ask their women to keep them in their bags.

Lemongrass Bali Boutique brings to you some wonderful and stylish bags that are sure to make you droll about the handbags that you carry around. These handbags are of hippie style that will make you fall in love with them. Read on to more about these styles of bags.

A Portable World Dangling from Her Hand

In fact, they are so fascinated with their handbags that they easily fall in love with their handbags. More than even a holiday or a car. They even match up their clothes to go well with their handbags. Hence, to satiate the fascination of women for their handbags, many designers are scratching their heads and keeping abreast with trends to give out trendy handbags for women. Where handbags are concerned women have been spoilt to the hilt. With different designs, colors, sizes, and shapes, women are all ready to flaunt their style with their handbags. It is one of those rare accessories that is a combination of both necessity and fashion. Handbags also reveal the style and class of women.

Women Find their Handbags Much More Desirable than their Men

Kindly do not raise your eyebrows. Though funny, it is the truth. Next time you try to make your woman jealous, remember she has an option to replace you. But when it comes to replacing her handbag, she gives it much thought to even consider replacing it. In fact, she can be built up a huge space for her varied number of bags. And unlike men, these handbags went placed together do not fight for attention. They silently are at their place waiting to be picked up. Handbags can carry all the essentials that a woman requires.

The Rising Trend of the Use of Handbags

In addition to being a fashionable accessory, it is an essential belonging too. In the last few decades, it has been seen that the rise of the use of handbags has decreased. This might be due to the increasing social independence of the women-folk. No more women are found to be running a household or just be an accompaniment on the arms of their men. They are more than that. They are everywhere and so are their handbags.

Women carry different handbags for different occasions and events. With the designers indulging our women with different styles and colors, even advertising the use of handbags for different occasions, women have varied options to choose from. They style up their attire, accessories, and handbags together.

The A to Z of Handbags in their Respective Style

Handbags are a versatile accessory that effortlessly styles up a woman. For many of you, you might not be knowing the varied style of handbags that are vying for your attention.

  • Tote bag- Ample storage space, and super-comfortable to take around. Versatile and perfect for any occasion. Can be taken around for shopping, or class or just work.
  • Shoulder Bag- Found in every women’s closet. Most popular and has a different compartment to carry your essentials and more. Can be taken around for office or casual meetings
  • Saddle crossbody bag- Just sling it over, keeping your hands free. Can carry your basic things.
  • Satchel bag- Smaller and sophisticated version of the briefcase. Can carry all your essentials
  • Boho handbags for women- Handbag or purse that has slouchy posture, usually crescent shape, and has a long strap

All these handbags have a separate fan base, but over the last few years, Boho handbags have caught the fascination of the womenfolk. These bags are not only high on quality but also stands the test of the trends as they come and go. So you never go out of fashion and can be carried off on any occasion or event.

Seriously Get Hooked

If you have not bought one, time to get your boho cute hippie handbags for women. These bags are so stylish and define just you- women who love to live their lives on their terms. They come in fresh, vibrant, poppy colors that you will love to coordinate according to your mood. They are soft to touch and feel and the colors are so soothing and appealing to the eyes. Rest assured once you get your hands on the boho handbag, you will never have any other type of handbag. Such is their appeal.

Chic and Wearable

Unlike other handbags, these handbags do not define your age. You just carry it the way you like. Due to their large-sized, you can easily carry your essentials. They are usually soft, shiny, and very stylish to carry off. An exciting addition to your huge collection of bags. Due to the crescent shape boho handbags for women are great for both casual and formal.

These boho handbags are known to carry all your little world in them:

  • Stash away all your essentials in this pretty boho handbag, while you are touring any city during the daytime.
  • Don’t carry any extra bags with you while shopping. You will be amazed by the size of it as you keep on stuffing one goodie after another into this boho handbag.
  • Planning for a casual lunch/dinner with your friend, just take it along. Take along your boho handbag on your romantic date. No bag will look stylish as this one.

These crescent bags are known for their versatility, switching from day-noon and night.

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