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The 10 Best Boho Moments to Recreate

If you love to break out of the norm and live unconventionally in a Bohemian sense of style, we know you’ll love Lemongrass Boutique. Lemongrass Boutique is a store that’s about Boho Wear for the woman who loves Love. In this article, we’ll go over the 10 best boho moments to recreate in Lemongrass's Boutique Collection of Kimonos and Boho Chic Women's Kaftans.


1. Penny Lane In Almost Famous

The quintessential boho wear of cinematic history has got to be Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane from the film “Almost Famous.” The effortlessly cool fashion comes from the mix of texture and fabrics Hudson’s character owns. Her outfits were totally cool and entirely bohemian. Throughout the film, we see her in faux furs, flared jeans, and blue-tinted shades. She’s always beautiful and always chic. 

Recreate the look with our KAFTAN TIE DYE Medium Length. Our Tie Dye Kaftan is dyed to perfection with all-natural fibers, and the quality is worthy of our girl Penny Lane. To finish the look add some colored specs and a FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACE to accentuate your neckline and give you those long lines and subtle curves that we loved in the 60s.


2. Jenny In Forrest Gump

Robin Wright might just be the most beautiful bohemian woman to ever grace the screen as Jenny in Forrest Gump. Throughout the ever-changing decades of style in the 60s and 70s, we saw her bohemian-inspired fashions which were so gorgeous they are continually emulated to this day. 

If you’re a disco fever havin’ 70’s girl, you need our JUMPER LOUNA. Designed with 100% all-natural rayon rompers, this Jenny-inspired romper features adjustable straps made to fit every body. This Boho Chic Jumper will have you feeling far out and groovy, and unconventionally cool in all the best ways. 

If you’re a classic boho chic, try our JUMPER SAKU paired with our FANCY LAYERED NECKLACE to give you the ultimate look of artistic unconventionality. Channel Jenny in the 60’s and 70’s and look like the bohemian goddess you are inside. 


3. Lucy In Across the Universe 

Evan Rachel Wood plays a young girl named Lucy in Beatles Across the Universe, and throughout the film we see her looks transform from buttoned up and preppy to incredibly groovy and far out. 

Recreate Wood’s look with our SKIRT GYPSY Exists in Dark Green and our TOP MELODY New White and 2 other colors. Mix and match Lemongrass Boutique designs while bringing all the peace and love Across the Universe. Bohemian style for the bohemian girl in all of us. 


4. Michelle From Dazed And Confused

Michelle may not be the most famous actor from Dazed And Confused, but she’s definitely one of the grooviest. Milla Jovovich rocks the long long hair, tiny crop tops, and bell-bottom jeans is what made her a bohemia style icon. Her style is non-conformist free spirit meets sexy cool chic. Lemongrass Boutique offers a bohemian white LONG KAFTAN LACE SUNNY, which is comfortable, cute, and flows with the wind. Pair this billowy white kaftan with a  necklace tree to get that 1960’s style that’s as far out as the Dazed And Confused character who rocked it. 


5. Cher From The 60s

1960s and 1970s Cher is the pinnacle of bohemian style, beauty, and gorgeousness. She showcases the feminine energy that makes up this incredible era with her ultra-long straight hair and sparkles and flowy tops and skirts. 

Recreate Cher's style with our Jumper Louna in a soft French Rose color. This jumper is so billowy that it blends comfort and style. Handmade in Bali, our 100% natural fiber jumper is made with rayon and has adjustable straps in a chic bohemian style. 


6. Donna Summer

Donna Summer’s brought in a new era of fashion from 1960’s hippie chic to 1970’s boho classic. Her beauty was unmatched and her style was relaxed, unconventional, and unparalleled. 

Work hard for the money in our TOP/ DRESS FRINGE Exists in NEW Soft Khaki handmade from Bali with 100% natural rayon fiber. 


7. Janis Joplin 

Janis Joplin lived as big as she sang and her style remains supreme. She was the ultimate free spirit who wore boho women’s clothing to perfection. 

If you want to step inside the true embodiment of the 1960s and the Boho wear style, you need our TOP/ DRESS GWENDOLYN New Tie Dye Blush/ Nude. It’s effortlessly flowy and infused with all the power that the passionate Janis Joplin has when she sang. 


8. Sienna Miller In Alfie 

The 2004 remake of Alfie has the whole world falling in love with Sienna Miller and her every so sexy bohemian style. Long bangs, short skirts, and a style that’s simple, easy, and free. 

If you want to channel this sleek gorgeous bohemian star you must try our LONG DRESS MAELYS, a boho style long dress that's handmade in Bali with 100% natural fiber “rayon Voile”. With sparkle embroidery and sequins, this Long Dress comes in mint, black, and blush and is designed with adjustable straps to fit every woman’s shape. 


9. The Olsen Twins

 Although the Olsen twins may not wear bohemian-style of the past, they’re certainly icons, and they represent the ultimate style. With their loose fabric shawls, long hippie hair, and chic accessories, these twin sisters are the epitome of bohemia and the epitome of fashion. 

If you want to channel the Olsen twins you have to try our JUMPER HAREM . Its loose billowy fit pants accentuate your waist and have you looking like the gorgeous bohemian star that you are. 


10. Stevie Nicks 

No one compares to Stevie Nicks's bohemian fashion sense, with her sultry vocal stylings and her velvet billowy long dresses fitted with lace and velvet, Stevie changed the game and created a new era of boho clothes. 

LONG DRESS CANDICE comes in a variety of colors, all handmade in Bali with 100% natural rayon viole fibers. This long boho dress is embroidered with all the Stevie Nicks style you want in a bohemian outfit. 


Looking to recreate one of these looks as your own? Enjoy all of our boho women’s clothing options available online. Whether you want to embrace your inner Penny Lane or create a look entirely unique to you, Lemongrass Boutique has exactly what you need to pull off your best boho looks. Shop with us today!



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