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How to choose between the different styles of Bohemian Dresses for women?

The Bohemian Dress is undoubtedly the most essential garment and representative of the Bohemian Fashion. The master words to describe a Bohemian dress are confort, quality, natural and femininity.

In winter period, choose a navy blue dress with long sleeves and thick tights to stay warm. If you choose a mid-length or short dress, put on wool tights to protect your legs.

When summer approaches, feel free to choose the dress that makes you fall in love with it for example an embroidered dress with a naked back. Choose natural materials like cotton, rayon or linen to let your clothes breathe. Some semi-synthetic fabrics are also the case as viscose or silk chiffon.

Regarding the style of the dress, three are distinguished including the authentic Bohemian Style, the Bohemian Chic Style and the Hippie Chic Style.


The Bohemian Style classic is based on the Hippie culture of the 70s. All dresses must be as natural and comfortable as possible. With colors drawn straight from nature and a natural fiber fabric such as cotton, rayon, linen or silk.

For a successful classic Bohemian Style, favor colors that recall spring and flowers, such as orange, brown and red. Pair your dress with a pair of Bohemian Shoes, such as es flat sandal in summer, or a pair of suede booties in winter.

Regarding the cut of the Boho Dress, simply take the one that suits your body type the most. An empire dress, straight or trapeze will go perfectly for a person with small breasts, but with good hips.

Conversely prefer a flowing dress with a V neckline if your upper body is more voluminous than your bottom.


The Bohemian Fashion is different from the Hippie Fashion, and become more sophisticated and elegant. It is the revival, it is the Mode Bohemian Chic

Combine the peace and love style with clothes, cut and fabrics more modern and sexy. 

Take for example a Long White Dress like the Dress Race with Beads for a sexy and chic look. Or a dress composed of broderies anglais colored for elegance.

The Bohemian Chic Dresses usually have lighter colors like pastel colors and white. There is also more lace and embroidery, as well as more pronounced necklines and puffy sleeves.

The Bohemian Chic Style can be worn both during your everyday days as well as for chic ceremonies such as a Bohemian Wedding, a cocktail party or a baptism.


The Hippie Chic style is taken from the travelers and Hippie Fashion. The Hippie Chic Dresses are the reflection of a traditional way of life, simple and far from capitalism.

We find natural materials and floral prints always privileging the handmade facing the products of the big distribution.

You can also find ethnic and tribal patterns that reminds the connection with nature.

The Hippie Chic Dress is worn with sandals or boots with bangs for an original style. Remember to take a beautiful flower crown with you for a complete Hippie Style.

It is usually worn when you want to feel comfortable, or then at a festival or a theme party.


More and more Bohemian Wedding see the day. And it is understandable. With a style at the same time simple, romantic and elegant like the Dress Horizontal, the boho chic makes crack more than one.

If you are invited has a Boho Wedding, opt for a dress maxi white lace with a pair of beaded sandal. That will give you a country style which will not pass unnoticed.

On the other hand be careful, can be the bride wishes to be the only one dressed in white. In this case, as a guest, prefer a beautiful long dress in powder pink chiffon.

If you are maid of honor, then match your Boho Chic Dress to the theme of the wedding and the bride. We have a wide range of Boho Chic Style Dresses that can match the theme of the wedding.

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