Discover our Best Selling product. The Long Dress Bohemian - Lemongrass Bali Boutique

Discover our Best Selling product. The Long Dress Bohemian

With summers just around the corner, we all are looking for clothes to change our wardrobe. We, at Lemongrass Bali Boutique, provide the most Amazing Bohemian Women’s Clothing Collection. We have a Beautiful and Stylish Boho Dresses that are so much in trend right now. 

Every single item that we sell is Handmade in Bali by our team of experts. Our team is very passionate about doing what they do, which adds more value to our products. We have a huge collection of Bohemian Style Tops, Boho Dresses, Boho Chic Kaftans, Hippie Pants, Hippie Skirts, Gipsy Shorts, Boho Shoes, Boho chic Bags , Gipsy Belts, Hippie Chic Style Jewelry, along with other Accessories.

You will find many Boho Wear options for you to choose from in each category. We have products ranging from simple and plain Dresses to Stylish and fun pieces. Be it any occasion, we have got your back. These Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and Kaftans are ideal for summer.

When we think of summer Dresses, we desire something cool yet Stylish. This is exactly what we had in mind while making the designs of these Dresses. Our stunning Boho Style Dresses are made with Love by our team for you to have the best time wearing their pieces and feel care-free and relaxed, just like a true Boho.

Summer Dresses

Our Boho Clothes Collection of Bohemian Dresses includes Short and Long Dresses. We have Dresses in solid colors, Florentine, Georgia, Paisley, and a few other prints. You can pair these Dresses with your choice of Wedges, Boots, Sandals, Floppy Hats or other Accessories. If you are not a fan of loose Dresses, you can even tie a Belt around your waist to give a Chic Look to your attire.

Dressing up is a unique way of expressing your vibe and personality. Boho Style is a reminder of Dresses from the 60s, which still have the original essence. These Dresses are soft in touch, have a silky texture, and are made with relaxed 100% Natural Rayon, chiffon-like cloth. This gives the Dress a rather chic look.

The Dresses are usually loose and easy to wear, but they can be styled as per the desire of its wearer. With flexible and comfortable Tops, you can wear tight-fitted denim jeans, flared jeans, or palazzo pants. This will give the entire outfit a more structured appearance.

Boho Style

Boho Style is a true representation of being unconventional. Many people, including several influencers, musicians, writers, love this style because of the story they depict. In Bohemian Style, we combine colors, patterns, objects, and layers from different parts of this world to make a unique design.

Boho Style is as amazing as it can be. You can play so much with the patterns and designs. It allows you to mix patterns, floral designs, paisley prints, and geometry. It will all look mesmerizing if done wisely. You can go for natural colors like tan, rust, brown, gold, taupe, etc., and accessorize it with silver Jewelry as well.

Bohemian Long Dress

We have the most gorgeous Long Boho Dress Style for our lovely customers. It is called the ‘Bohemian Long Dress’ and as the name suggests, it has a Boho Vibe and is Long. It has an open back and a Tie-Dye print, making it totally Boho. It has a V-shape neck and cross-border stitching in front, which gives it a more organized look. At the back, it has a deep neck that goes all the way to your waist. At the bottom, it has an asymmetric design which looks perfect in a dress like this. 

You won’t be surprised to know that it has been our Best-Seller for a long time now and we all know the reason. It is a perfect Dress for all occasions. It comes in 9 different natural tones on the color card shade. In addition, all the Tie-Dye patterns are different, which gives you more options to choose from.

Our designers wanted to make a dress that is suitable for every occasion, and they have successfully done it. This Dress can be worn at the beach, to a party, casual lunch with your girlfriends, sundowner, or other fun occasions. It can be styled with silver Jewelry very easily because of the cool tones of the dress. You can wear flats or Sandals to complete this look. 

It comes in one size, suitable for girls of any shape. It will make you look Smart, Stylish, Organized, and Cool. The Cloth is as airy as it could get, and the fact that it is made up of 100% Natural Fibers gives it an airy feel. It is a Perfect Dress for a typical sunny day. 

What will surprise you is the cost of this Bohemian Long Dress. It costs only $37.90. Yes! All these features and characteristics of this Dress, yet it is very reasonable.

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We have several other Designs for you lovely ladies for different occasions and in different styles. You will find Dresses of various lengths and colors that you can choose from. If you love Boho Women’s Clothing, this is the perfect place to upgrade your wardrobe. However, if you are new to this Style, it becomes even more vital to try it out. The prices are reasonable, and the fabric is truly unique. 

We love our customers, so feel free to contact us for any request or come to visit us in our Boutique in Bali. 

With all this in mind, we hope that you find the perfect Dress for you. We are eagerly looking forward to your orders!

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